Top 11 Food waste apps available on iOS and Android

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We use and develop many mobile apps on a daily basis and why not create and use them to make the world a better place? Just to give you some statistics, One-third of the world’s food ends up in landfills, while almost a billion people around the globe are hungry. UK households alone throw away around 4.4m tonnes (that’s £13bn worth) of food that could have been eaten.

Now, the global waste management industry is majorly utilizing innovative technologies to combat the waste crisis and environmental pollution. Tesco announced last year that it would be scrapping “best before” dates on some fruit and veg to reduce the amount of “perfectly edible” waste, while restaurant chains like Pret (which gives leftover food to the homeless) and Itsu (which cuts prices by 50% after 5pm) have been doing their bit for a while. And now a new wave of apps is stepping up, connecting people to food that would otherwise go straight in the bin.Personally, I have downloaded several apps to fight food waste and in this article I will list down top 11 that I believe make a difference and help reduce discarded food. These apps help connect farmers to consumers, retailers to charities, growers to intermediaries, etc.

Top 11 Food waste apps available on iOS and Android

1. ResQ

There is too much food left from the buffet at a hotel, the smoothies at the juice bar should be consumed before tomorrow, all those unwanted goodies would find their way into the trash bin if Finnish app ResQ wouldn’t be launched. It aims to connect restaurateurs with potential customers. ResQ is available in 22 European cities and is currently entering the Malaysian market. For example, in Amsterdam you will find more than 55 restaurants, cafés, bakeries and bars participating in the fight against food waste. They offer meals at a reduced price that would otherwise have been thrown out. You can check the deals through the ResQ app.

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How does it work? Very easy, you open ResQ and allow the app to locate you. Then, you

you will see all restaurants that participate and you set your dietary preferences. You can order and pay for the food via the app and pick up your goodie at the restaurant. In most cases it is no problem to eat your meal straight away at the restaurant instead of taking it with you. Just ask them! If you are curious, ask for the surprise menu. The chef will prepare you an individual meal from yummy leftover products.

I love this idea, you save yourself some money and at the same time you save the planet.

Available on iOS and Android

2. Magic Fridge

Magic Fridge has quick and easy recipe ideas for preparing an economical meal in your kitchen. The application offers recipes for everyday with products already available in your kitchen.

Available on iOS and Android

3. Karma

Karma is the multi-award winning take away food app for buying delicious surplus food from restaurants, cafes and grocery stores at a lower price.  Order and pay in the app. Find great food deals where you pay half the price and pick up your food as take-away. And help create a more sustainable society by reducing food waste.

Available on iOS and Android

4. Farmdrop

Farmdrop is an online grocery delivery service that allows you to get amazing food from independent, local producers who are paid fairly. Get farmers’ market quality with supermarket convenience that brings us all one step closer to a more sustainable food system.
Available on iOS and Android

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5. Greenease

Greenease is a resource that connects sustainably, savvy consumers with restaurants that buy local and/or offer sustainable food options. Greenease allows you to search for restaurants, save your favorites, view the farms they source from and access unique specials and dinner deals for restaurants.
Available on iOS and Android

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6. Good Fish Guide

The definitive guide to sustainable seafood from the Marine Conservation Society (MCS).

This App tells you which fish are good to eat, along with some suggested recipes for cooking them, and which should be avoided based on whether they come from well-managed, sustainable stocks or farms, or not. MCS has also rated many restaurants and cafés that serve seafood allowing diners to make informed choices when booking a table and ordering. The guide includes almost every fish you could hope to find in shops, restaurants and markets, allowing you to make the best possible seafood choices.
Available on iOS and Android

7. ReFill

ReFill is on a mission to help people fall in love with tap water again and preventing plastic pollution at source by making reusing a bottle easier than buying a new one. Simply carry your reusable bottle, use the app to find your fill for free and tap to measure your impact. You can find the Refill Stations and with your handy bottle reminder you’ll never leave the house without one again. Stay hydrated, save money and help stop plastic pollution.
Available on iOS and Android

8. Food for All

Food for All eliminates last-minute restaurant food waste. It connects customers to restaurants one hour before they close, for meal discounts as high as 80 percent. Customers can enter their location and explore nearby deals, and they pick up their order at a time specified by the restaurant. Users also can donate food to people in need through the app. Simply choose the meal you want, pay through the app, go to the restaurant at the pickup time, and enjoy your meal as takeout. A delicious and fun way to do good for our planet by avoiding food waste.
Available on iOS and Android

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9. Food Rescue Hero

Food Rescue Hero turns average eaters into food heroes. The app connects users with nonprofits who serve those who are food insecure. Helping guide “heroes” to locations to pick up or drop off food, the app boasts a rescue schedule flexible enough to accommodate daily, weekly or once-only rescues — and each rescue takes as little as 30 minutes.

Available on iOS and Android

10. goMkt

goMkt connects restaurants that have unsold food with customers looking for discounts. By purchasing food as take-out through the app, customers save up to 75 percent off the original price — and reduce potential food waste.

Available on iOS and Android

11. NoFoodWasted

NoFoodWasted aims at reducing food waste. This app stimulates demand for discounted products with a best before date. For example, it alerts supermarket shoppers which items are approaching their expiration date. Users do not even need to go to the supermarket to explore the deals, as they can check them online. A concrete solution to reduce food waste together with your local restaurant, supermarket, bakery or other food supplier.

Available on iOS and Android

It is clear that we can all make a difference in the way we shop and eat. Sustainable eating doesn’t have to be difficult with the help of technology.

I hope you found this list useful, if you know any other food waste apps that deserve to be mentioned here, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

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    We need more applications to help commercial to reduce waste

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