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Apiumhub is a Tech Barcelona memberand we are very happy about that! Why ? Tech Barcelona is an association opened to all those based in Barcelona working in digital and tech business and ecommerce in particular. It is a digital Business cluster that benchmarks Barcelona to the world.

The global aim of Tech Barcelona is to consolidate and stimulate an emerging sector with a turnover of 6,7 billion euros and 15,000 workers, contributing to showcase Barcelona as a reference, mainly in and from South Europe, in the international tech scene. Barcelona Tech City really works together with entrepreneurs, start-ups, investors, large companies, incubators, accelerators and venture builders, universities, business-schools, media and other ecosystem agents, Barcelona Tech City is focusing its activity in: promoting the BCN’s tech brand; Creating the perfect framework for digital companies; attracting local and international investment; connecting talent with companies & partnering with other organizations to accelerate the city’s tech ecosystem.

We are proud to be part of it! We have already worked for promising startups in Barcelona to move them to the next level. We always suggest entrepreneurs and young disruptive companies on how to grow in terms of technology, software. We work with many startups of Antai. Why I mentioned Antai is that it is also part of Tech Barcelona and all of them are in Pier 1, but about it a little bit later!

  Apiumhub and AGORA Images - together we can do so much!

Let’s look at main of objectives of Tech Barcelona and how Barcelona evolves in terms of innovation and technology! It really became one of the most important tech hubs in the world, organizing MWC, IOT, Smart city events, providing amazing ecosystem for entrepreneurship, collaborating with business angels, capital ventures and builders and tech leaders who become mentors for growing startups.

Main objectives of Tech Barcelona

  • Promotion of digital tools as leverage for the growth of other sectors in the city
  • To spread the entrepreneurship culture
  • Placing Barcelona as an international tech hub
  • Linking the sector to the Mobile World Capital

What are the main benefits for the members of Tech Barcelona

  • Support in attracting finance from public entities or private institutions (Business Angels, Venture Capital, Investment forums)
  • Share technological know-how
  • Increase networking opportunities in the tech innovation industry
  • Recognized reputation
  • Better access to talented workers due to the promotion of entrepreneurship culture and the optimization of the relationship between University and Enterprise
  • Have an office in Pier 1 with other 80 startups and tech companies; members of Barcelona tech city. It became Barcelona’s New Startup Headquarters.

Who are the members of Tech Barcelona

1. Founding partners of business projects in the digital & tech business sector.

2. Department managers and executive heads in multinationals with their headquarters or branch in Barcelona whose activity is in the digital & tech business sector. You can meet there CTO’s, CIO’s, CMO’s of big international companies.

3. Heads of venture capital entities that are interested in working with promising tech projects.

  Open space in Apiumhub

4. Networks of private investors who have promoted investments in business projects in the digital & tech business sector.

PIER 1  – Barcelona’s new startup headquarters

As promised, let’s talk about Pier 1 – digital hub in Barcelona, an old building that was reformed for startups. Barcelona Tech city has a government support, actually, ayuntamiento de Barcelona and Generalitat de Catalunya helped Barcelona tech city to launch this Pier 1 initiative. The building has become home to around 80 cutting edge startups with 10.000 square meter building. Well-known companies such as Holaluz, Letgo, Tiendeo, Deliberry, Cornerjob, Geenapp, Byhours, etc are very satisfied working in Pier 1 and see like-minded people every day in the building. Actually Pier 1 has a collaborative atmosphere and there are always a lot of things going on; events, press releases, new innovative startups with breathtaking ideas, etc.

Barcelona Tech City represents more than 250 companies from different industries, including Edreams, Privalía, Softonic, Inspirit, Ulabox and many many others.

Each month Barcelona Tech City organises networking dinners and tech events, where we have an opportunity to speak with leaders of their industry and learn from the best. What is different about these events is that there is always a speaker, an entrepreneur that shares his success, pointing out on KPIs and pitfalls. Apart from that Barcelona Tech city always give discounts and invite members to the world wide famous congresses and exhibitions like: IOT Solutions World Congress, Mobile World Cogress, FYFN, Smart City expo, etc.

Now with a huge demand that PIer 1 created, Barcelona Tech City is working on opening Pier 2. Where exactly is still unknown, but the list of the people interested in renting an office there is growing day by day.

  Our book "Software Architecture Metrics" is published!

We are absolutely happy to be part of this technology movement and contribute to our tech hub – Barcelona.

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