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Getting Started with Pandas – Lesson 3

Introduction We begin with the third post of our data science training saga with Pandas. In this article we are going to make a summary of the different functions that are used in Pandas to perform Iteration, Maps, Grouping and … Read More


Getting Started with Pandas – Lesson 2

Introduction We begin with the second post of our training saga with Pandas. In this article we are going to make a summary of the different functions that are used in Pandas to perform Indexing, Selection and Filtering. Indexing, Selecting … Read More


Inverted Triangle architecture for CSS (ITCSS)

The concept of modular CSS started to emerge years ago. All of us developers who have worked with CSS have had to deal with the difficulty of making our styles scalable and maintainable when our projects start to grow and, … Read More


Our experience migrating from Dagger to Koin

Note: this was assembled with koin version 2.0.1, more recent versions have changed some things. Refer to the official documentation for more information: Context We have a legacy project, started by a team from another company, with other standards, … Read More


Good Practices with Vue

Initially, when we are faced with a new language or framework, our priority is usually to learn and assimilate as quickly as possible the necessary knowledge to carry out the tasks or projects derived from it. On many occasions, either … Read More

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Getting Started with Pandas – Lesson 1

Introduction Today we will like to introduce one of the first inner training chapters in which we introduce the fundamentals of DataScience treatment tools. We are talking about Pandas, Numpy and Matplotlib. Pandas is a third-party library for numerical computing … Read More

Progressive Web Apps Testing

Progressive Web Apps testing in 2021

Hi, in this article i’d like to share my experience of testing PWA (Progressive Web Apps testing).   Progressive Web Apps testing   Using console in JS for better testing Let’s start with definition of PWA. Google told us that … Read More

A Simple Implementation Of Remote Configuration For SwiftUI

A simple implementation of Remote Configuration for SwiftUI

First of all a quick definition of Remote Configuration: It is a way to customize the behaviour of a desired system based on certain parameters that are stored on a remote location. Many well known libraries will give you this … Read More

Flutter Vanilla State Management

Flutter Vanilla State Management

We are all used when managing a state without any library in Flutter we have to create a StatefulWidget. And that to change its state and update a widget we have to do it using the setState(() => state=newState) method. … Read More

Mobile Architecture Vision: Binder-Events

Mobile Architecture Vision: Binder-Events

In 2019, we held a meet up in which we presented our approach to architecture in mobile development. Here you can see the talk: “Mobile Architecture Vision: Binder – Events” In summary, I will first try to explain the concept … Read More

Retry Pattern

Retry pattern to make your app more resilient

Nowadays we can say that all mobile applications communicate with at least one server to gather data and show to the user. We need to create robust data repositories in order to provide fast and resilient apps that can overcome … Read More

Discovering Vue 3

Discovering Vue 3: Changes & Features

It was there in 2018 through a presentation in Vue.js London and later with a post, when Evan You (creator of Vue) announced Vue 3. Finally the beta was released on April 16, 2020 and at the time of writing … Read More