Talks With Software Development Experts Part 3

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Welcome to the third and last part of our Talks With Software Development Experts series. As we have mentioned before, this initiative is a section where we interview software engineers and industry experts to learn more about their professions, efforts, hobbies, and perspectives on a variety of tech-related issues.

Today we bring you four interviews with software development experts that are worth watching. Check them out!

Software Development Experts

Alejandro Moleiro

In this interview, we had the pleasure of speaking with Alex Moleiro, a software development expert and engineering manager at Adevinta. Alex shared his background in telecommunications engineering and his 20 years of experience in software development. He discussed the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the industry, particularly in improving product listings and optimizing server usage.

When it comes to events, Alex emphasized the importance of networking and social interaction, recommending conferences like the Global Software Architecture Summit organized by Apiumhub and DevBcn (previously known as JBCNConf).

In terms of book recommendations, Alex highlighted a few books that are not technical but focused on leadership, including “Good Strategy and Bad Strategy” and “Radical Candor.” He also mentioned “Good to Great”, a book written by Jim Collins that offers insights on transforming ordinary companies into extraordinary ones. Alex found these books valuable as they provide actionable advice applicable to any team.

When asked about his references in the software field, Alex mentioned Dave, the author of “Continuous Delivery,” as someone he currently follows. He appreciates Dave’s accessible approach and his focus on continuous delivery.

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Overall, the interview provided valuable insights into Alex’s experience, interests, book recommendations, and future goals in software development. We suggest you watch the full interview on our YouTube channel.

Juan Manuel Serrano

We had the opportunity to speak with another software development expert, Juan Manuel Serrano Hidalgo, founder of Habla Computing. Juan Manuel shared his insights on various topics, including the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on programming and the resurgence of events in the post-pandemic era.

Regarding AI, Juan Manuel highlighted its influence on popular programming languages and the emergence of GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) models. Although not directly involved in AI research, he acknowledged its significance and its potential to transform programming practices.

When discussing events, Juan Manuel noted that while attendance numbers haven’t reached pre-pandemic levels, people are gradually returning to conferences and meetups. He recommended Lambda World, a functional programming conference, and highlighted the upcoming Scalar Conference in Madrid, an important event for the community.

Books and authors also took center stage in the interview. Juan Manuel recommended “The Red Book” by Runar Bjarnason and Paul Chiusano as a comprehensive resource for learning functional programming in Scala. He also mentioned “Learn You a Haskell for Great Good!” by Miran Lipovača as a valuable introduction to Haskell. Additionally, he shared his interest in Eugenia Cheng’s book “The Joy of Abstraction,” which provides a solid foundation for language designers.

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As a university professor, Juan Manuel observed that students often rely on online sources, such as YouTube channels, in addition to traditional textbooks. While he provides notebooks and materials in class, he acknowledges the wealth of online content available for programming education.

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Looking ahead to 2023, Juan Manuel expressed his goals for further learning and exploration. He plans to delve into category theory, focusing on its application to language design. He also aims to deepen his understanding of array-based programming languages, such as Cadence, and explore the connections between logic and computation, including the concept of continuations.

Overall, the interview provided valuable insights into the evolving landscape of software development, the impact of AI, the return of events, recommended resources for learning, and Juan Manuel’s personal goals for the future.

Pablo del Vecchio

Continuing with our interviews with software development experts, we also had the pleasure of having Pablo del Vecchio, CTO, and software architect for various companies, with his current focus being on blockchain technology. Over the years, Pablo’s roles spanned from software developer to architect, project manager, and team leader across various industries and countries.

In terms of industry events, Pablo recommended some blockchain conferences and highlighted the increasing importance of staying engaged in the rapidly evolving tech landscape. Pablo also emphasized the importance of classic programming books and the unique insights they provide, suggesting that some concepts are better absorbed through traditional paper texts than exclusively online resources.

Looking ahead to 2023, Pablo expressed his intention to explore tools like Copilot further and understand how they integrate into the strategies of major tech players. He encouraged a proactive approach to adapting to these changes and gaining a deeper understanding of their implications. As technology evolves, Pablo stressed that being open to change and staying informed is essential for success in the tech industry.

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His insights offered a valuable perspective for both aspiring and experienced developers alike. Watch his full interview on our YouTube channel.

Marc Torrent

Last but not least, we also interviewed Marc Torrent, head of engineering at ManoMano. Marc began his interview by talking about his career in the industry, from his university beginnings to his first work experiences. He also took the time to go over some of the tasks he performs in his current role and highlighted some accomplishments from last year.

Marc also explained the concept of technological leadership and what it entails. When asked about tech events, he recommended, DevBCN, NodeConf, and some others. He also recommended LedDev for those interested in leadership and management. Among the authors or influencers on social media, Marc recommended following Dan Abramov, Kent C. Dodds, Martin Fowler, Josh Long, Robin Moffatt, Gergely Oroz, Will Larson, and many others.

This interview was very enriching to learn more about Marc, his interests, and his future goals. Don’t miss it on our YouTube channel.


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